this was a new song i have been working on and fiddling with for a while. And i fianlyl managed to get it. haha.
Its called "My Streetcar named Desire " it is not actually about the movie, but i think the title just fitted nicely with the song.

Check it out at www.myspace.com/projecthayzy and tell me what you all think.
Criticism is much appreciated. (keep in the mind the quality isnt very good as my gear aint top notch.lol) Recorded with Reaper and Amplitube.

verse dsus2 , dsus4/F, G, G/A#

pre chorus dsus2 dsus4/e dsus4/f

chorus Csus2, A7 sus4, Em7, G

ww3 in side my head
with words that i cant understand
and you tell em to relax,
but she stops and crys.
its still hard to think,
when the minds capsized.

its cold and its wet out side
a walk with you would kill some time,
talking with you
and it feels alright,
but she dont know,
so it should be fine.

i cant stop this time
shes on my mind
i believe its time
now make it rhyme

my mind is alive
you are my wine
you are my own, street car named desire
i think you're alight

i make up one more verse
you can choose to listen or curse
you do all the talking,
and its fine by me,
im only here becuase you're nice to me