hey guys and or gals, here is my problem

im a keen ibanez player, and have been for quite a while,
unfortunately, ive managed to wear out my guitar, and because it was a cheap piece of crap (considering whats out there), ive decided to replace it.

in my guitar cabinet, i have a mates RG1570, its 4 years old, and been fairly brutalized, but it plays like a dream, as im sure all you prestige owners would know.

so, im keen to go prestige, although, ive always had a thing for wanting a neck-thru.

so here is my conundrum (no im not intelligent, i heard a nerdy manager at toys r us saying it ages ago when i worked there)

i can either get a


but i dont know what one !! (the prestige neck through is way out of budget)

there both trem, so do i want more sustain from a neck through? would there be any more?? would the neck feel **** in comparison to the prestige?? HELP ME OUT GURUS!!
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IMO the RGT42DX is a better deal.... not as in price...but as in guitar
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theres only 200$ between them (the prestige being more expensive)
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I was not talking about price at all....

I was meaning overall in guitar....

as I said
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If every dream is a wish, then to dream of zombies is to wish for an appetite without responsibility
I have the RGT42DX, and it's an amazing guitar.
I can't comment on the 1570, having never actually played one, but I've heard they're great too.
I don't think you can go wrong either way tbh, just throwing in my love for the 42.
The RGT42DX has a crappy trem. If you're that worried about sustain, don't get a guitar with a floating trem. Go for the RG1570.
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I was talking to a guy who is a pro and works at an ibanez distributor, he has 10 ibanez's of all sorts, and he prefers the bolt on's to the neck thru prestige models. Unfortunately i havnt had the honour to play a neck thru RG, but i own a bolt on RG, and i have played other company's neck thru guitars, and I must say the RG's have a very nice, comfortable neck joint.

An RG is a good choice, i have had mine for quite a while, and it to has been brutalized, and still plays awesome
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I have an RG2550E and all I can say is that it is pretty much the greatest playing guitar I've ever laid hands on. I've tried friends Gibsons and Fenders and IMO the Ibanez cannot be touched. I've grown accustomed to the thin neck and it didn't take me long to do so. Also, it's easy to switch between the feel of different guitar necks, contrary to what some people on these boards may say. IMO go with the Prestige. It's got Prestige build quality, Edge Pro (is it a 2008 model? If so Edge-Zero trem) and the Wizard neck. I may just be an Ibanez fanboy but IMO it's better for you to shell out an extra $200 for the Prestige quality and feel.
stay away from the edge 3, also there is no proof to say neck thru has better sustain the bolt on so you should only be interested in upper fret access in terms of neck. get the 1570, brilliant guitar
ahk, ill go 1570

the one i have heres awesome, ATM, my main axx is a RG321, that ive sanded down and filled with the pots from my 7 string and dimarzio pups.

ive killed the neck though, and the guitar its self is worth nothing. but i love it XD (i play it over the 1570..)

is the EDGE ZERO decent? i know its new and runs on bearings, thats about it (i would get the 2008 model)

i was just curious about the neck throughs is all, but yeh, the feel of the prestigue is 5300x that of my trashed guitar, it feels as if the gutiar and you are one, rather than you and an instrument.

whats up with the edge III's?
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http://www.lawl.net/gtr/trems that's a pretty helpful website. The Edge Zero still uses knife edges, but it has the intonation adjustment tool of the ZR, hence zero. It uses the zero-point system as well. It seems to be pretty good, as it's on all the high-end Ibanez models (J-Customs included). Hope that can be of help
sounds like a trem to use then ehh lol.

well, i think that sums it up then.


unless we want to talk about getting sustain out of a floating trem lol

satriani does it, there fore there must be a way.

(with out a sustanic pup)
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I get some pretty sweet sustain out of my RG, but I put in a pair of Breeds and I was crankin' the **** outta my Trilogy lol. Tube amp with a decent amount of gain is all you need really. Also, a good vibrato technique and the ability to control feedback couldn't hurt
true, theres sustain, then theres feedback.

im using a X2N and a air norton in my 321, which i would put into my new guitar.

its a great pairing IMO, surprisingly its balanced *look of shock*

(i mean the levels are.. lol)
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Yeah you have a point, either way your gonna be getting sound though :P But feedback is inevitable at high volumes. The point is, go with the RG1570 cause Satch can get sustain from an Ibanez

the 1570 has an edge pro, rather than an edge zero

next model up is extra $500, but comes with the EZ.

besides the ****ty washers that you need to replace every time you use the trem to keep the arm stiff, are the EP's okie?
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I have an Edge Pro and I've never replaced the washers because I can't be assed and I don't know how but they're still spot-on. Don't drop tune, work smoothly etc. etc. everything you want out of a good trem.
ahk cool

the washers on the trem arm, the 2 white strips.

there more or less like this C (theres a gap in them) you just have to pry them off

when you buy a replacement arm you get a few of them. probs only a few $ for like, 50
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Quote by digger35
I have an Edge Pro and I've never replaced the washers because I can't be assed and I don't know how but they're still spot-on. Don't drop tune, work smoothly etc. etc. everything you want out of a good trem.

the edge pro is just as great as the edge zero in terms of tuning stability. the edge zero just has some fancy **** going. like a built in intonation tool and the zero point system(basically a tremsetter).
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When I said they don't drop tune, I meant they don't lose their tuning lol. And yeah I meant they work smoothly too.
yeah i got what ya ment lol.

how much does a 1570 cost in melb? do you have any local dealer websites i can suss out?
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cool, my mate has tonnes of 1570's, he has a red one with a transformers graphic on it, its beyond cool.

atm i have like, no money, but i start my mechanic thingo on the 15th dec, then get 500$ a fortnight for going to their school, (which is awesome) lol

ill suss out eastgate music
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Sweet man, best of luck. If the RG1570 sells (knock on wood) you can save up some serious dosh in that time and get an even better 2008 model. If you wait like a month you can get a sweet guitar, I only paid $1800 for my 2550. Good luck
thats a great price ehh.

i was thinking about saving then getting a caparison, but an even higher end ibby would be sweet
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