I saw this thin on their official website... and the demo sounds pretty good... And since it has models of 7 famous pedals, and since I play all types of music, I thought it's a good investment.
is there anyone here who has 1?
Can anyone tell me whether this pedal is worth buying ?

If so... Please tell me soon... because I'm hoping to order it next week
i have one, i think its pretty good....

BUT it has 2 outputs, one for amp and one for mixer, and the mixer one has broke. Also, you will probably only use 4 of the effects at the very most as i do
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I have it and it's pretty good(don't get me wrong it's not a tube distortion at all) but it's still better than the metal master and the boss mg-2(the other 2 I tryied)
Good buy I say
I played one at a music shop a few hours from here about a month ago... I liked a few of the models in it... it did sound a bit digital to me, but it was listenable.