Ok random...espicaly for a guitar forum site.
But as title suggests....talk films that you have seen and enjoyed or even disliked.
Do you hold any films close to you more than others?

(did a quick check didnt see a thread)

I like just about any films...ranging from romactic to horror. comdy to action.

Fight club - Ten things i hate about you
Predator - The Pursuit of Happness
Fast and Furious - Star Wars

etc etc

Im a big film fan...would love to one day maybe be a director....next to being in a band of course :P

such a random thread... possibly FAR too random for the pit!

FIght Club, Mallrats, Spinal Tap, Ferris Bueller's Day Off etc. etc., films that aren't mainstream are the best. I r non-conformist, going against the flow.

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