Im in the process of purchasing a Fender Delus strat SSS, just need to pick the color.

Next up is amplification. all i ever had was cheapo marshall solid state practice amps.

I want to pick up a small 20-40 watt max practice valve amp.

As i have absolutely no knowledge of amps, I was just going to go straight for the fenders. can anyone adivse where i should start.

I know going to play a few in the store is the best idea, but i want to know what to ask for first, and have some knowledge of what others looking to get a electric blues sound are playing.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.. best selling valve combo, and with good reason
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I know here in Australia the prices are much higher that Europe so the peavey classic 30 might be in your price range, but mainly the majority of the small (affordable) tube amps I know of are:

the epi valve junior
peavey classic 30
fender blues junior
the vox ac15 or ac30
fender pro junior

they are all that come to mind from when I was in search of one.

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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.. best selling valve combo, and with good reason

the hot rod deluxe is great but it isn't small or cheap ...
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prices in europe are as high as they are anywhere id guess, with some shops quoting 1500 for a delux strat HSS. Thanks for the jumping off points guys. il go to the local music store and see if they have a few i can try out.
Laney LC30 or VC30.
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^ I play blues but never heard of "electric" blues so I wasn't sure. Yea - the 15 watt would be fine for bedroom levels.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
fender blues junior sounds great, try out a buch of fender amps and see what suits you. happy amp hunting!
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can't you buy a fender blues jr with that budget?

go for it! real tube overdrive and decent tone in ur bedroom! with valve juniors, you can't get real tube overdrive in ur bedroom before your mom yells at you. :p maybe swap your tubes and speakers sometimes.
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blackheart little giant makes a beautiful blues amp that can get crunchy. but if you want pristine cleans and that american voicing, then i guess go fender.
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Quote by xander307
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.. best selling valve combo, and with good reason

i disagree
the drive is pretty weak and only sounds good with an od in front
it does have great cleans though. i preferred the NOS blues junior but couldn't afford it at the time (i got my hrd used)

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

most of the good amps have already been recommended, but I'd like to add the crate palomino v16 to the list. Great blues/classic rock amp.
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The Blues Jr. is just perfect for your needs.

I have one, and have gotten nothing but compliments about my tone and playing since.
bump blues jr. flat out awesome and the right volume...i played a blues deluxe and it was too loud
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BJ's are nice, but I really like the Blackheart little giant. It's very old school, and breaks up a ton more than a BJ. You could get a blackheart little giant combo for under 300 I think. It's 5 watts with a 12 inch speaker, I would play one in my bedroom.
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I have been searching for something very similar, and decided on a Blackheart Handsome Devil (15 watt tube). Fender blues junior is another decent choice