I changed to my ESP MMV new set strings a couple days ago and now I've been getting this horrible buzz which has never before been so loud. I've had this guitar now two years and this is the first time when the buzz is so bad. The action is almost double as high as it was with the last set of strings and still the buzz is horrible, worst buzz comes from the wounded strings and a little bit from the G too. I've been thinking that it has something to do with the up nut or something like that. I see no curls or anything like that on the strings and it looks like the strings are attached properly to the FR and the neck isn't bumby.
So guys, could you help me out a little?
i had the same problem its just the strings theyr coming unwound it happens alot if you buy cheap strings or if you mess up puting the strings or if you like to play really hard the strings can come unwound aswell
Well I didnt change the gauge and I've been using that string label now for a year with no problem and they dont seem to be unwounding so I guess I'll show it to my guitar teacher, he might have a solution. But thanks anyway