I only have one question...

I thought about buying the Phil Demmel Signature V, but I saw that there isn't a case made for it. Does anyone know if it would fit in a Jackson King V case (Or any case for as long as it doesn't move around much)? Any useful input would be appreciated.
I think its probably a bit smaller than the King V as in its based on it only with bits cut out of it. You could always try it out in the shop or buy a mould case.
Nice looking guitar for sure. I like the specs. It sounds like it's pretty close to the regular KK size but I don't know if it will fit the case for the KK that little extra in the crotch of the V might make it not fit. Coffin Case makes a case that might fit it. The only problem is they are huge! I got one one for my DEAN ML Noir and it's 15" longer and a little taller than my Coffin bas case. The guitar fits nice though. Check Jacksons web site and see if they list a case for it if not Email tham and ask if it will fit the regular KK case. Jackson is pretty fast at returning Emails.