So, after a long pause of posting on here, I present you my new work. It´s called Dune, and it´s a Rock piece, influenced by far eastern music and romantic western music, also known as J-Rock. I´d prefer if you crit detailed, as you will get a detailed crit back if you do. I hope you have fun listening and not just critting this with your metal-point-of-view.

Thanks for MarchOfEternity for creating such an awesome genre description for me, thanks!
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Ohw, well thats very nice.
I'm a guitar player and I've picked up bass quite recently. I like the bassline in your song, it's sort of complex yet not too hard to play. Definetly something I will be practicing soon.
that was amazing... you made three instruments sound like five or six. I'm very impressed, i don't have anything for c4c don't bother, just look'n at ppl's stuff.
I love how this sounded way bigger than a 3-piece. If I hadn't looked at the GP, I'd actually think there are more than 4 instruments!

Well, I like almost every aspect of this song. You've certainly did a great job with the bass, and the whole thing just have the J-Rock vibe emanating all over it. I must say, this certainly reminded me of those gay girly boys L'arc~en~ciel, and you've captured their homoeroticism style *almost* perfectly, save for mostly the lack of awshum bass. The rhythm, progression, chords, melodies, everything was superb! A job well done!

Anyway, things to crit!
1. This thing seriously lacked a decent ending. It just stops like that. Dude, write an acceptable one!
2. Compared to the 4 bars in front of it, the first chorus was rather anti-climatic. The tension just dropped in the chorus from the verse, and that is not a good thing... Maybe try expanding the bit before the chorus a bit?
3. Phrasing in the solo was awful There is no number 3.

And that is all. Brilliant song, should get more recognition and crits here!
I really liked the way you used full chords in this song instead of power chords like a lot of rock does these days.

I think you've really made a nice bridge been tastefulness and technicality for this song. It's something you could play after about an hour's practice but it also has a really nice staying power.

I have to say, the solo was.... urgh. The note choices were excellent, but the phrasing was like... what!? I mean... the solo had no time to make a statement with each lick, no time for the metaphorical conversation between the music and the listener to start up.
Don't get me wrong, the solo started out in a great place, but the rest of the licks feel rushed.

I have to say, the first chorus was a big anticlimax. The bars in front of it were building up towards something big and then.... Bam. Nothing. But, I know that in J-rock style music the riffs and music is meant to support the vocalist, so with vocals it would probably sound a lot better.

On second listen, that solo doesn't sound so awful. Still sounds a bit rushed though.

The rest of the song is brilliant, man. I love the bass, the drums are an absolute pleasure and the guitar riffs have a really good groove to them. They sound a little classical influenced to me, which is something that I'm not used to, and it's intriguing.
Great song overall. I'd give it a 7.5/10.
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