Anyone in here that knows (and loves) Boyce Avenue??

I do because they make the best music and great cover that are actually better than the originals..And Alejandro (the leadsinger) is so talented, they all are...

But why do you like them?
I am not afraid to admit that this band is by far, my favorite and most listened to group on my ipod. Their music is just really relaxing for me and the way alejandro arranges the guitar for the covers just amazes me. his most recent video, "mr. brightside" is astonishing. i'm trying to figure out your cover, but i am not talented enough musically to figure out what the tuning is. i can't wait to see "how far we've come" on youtube because, even though it came out recently, it is my favorite cover out of all of them. my favorite original tracks are: tonight, hear me now (both versions), and on my way. congrats boyce avenue on all of the success that you received last year. i can't wait to see what else you guys bring us in 2009.
wow, you're real fan huh..Have you ever seen them live? I haven't so I would like to know how they are live..