O.k. so i have read the entire paint forum just to make sure that I'm doing everything correct. I have chemically stripped the paint off of my strat and then sanded the body going from 180 to 220 to 320 grit, so it's completely bare. I noticed in the forum that you need a wood grain filler, how essential is this? I'm not going to have natural fininsh BTW. I'm simply painting and then clearcoating. How does the wood grain filler effect it? Would I even need it?
you need it for open grained wood like mahogany, sapele, lacewood, etc. maple, alder, poplar, etc don't really need it because the grain is tighter (but you COULD use it if you wanted). The purpose of the filler is to seal the surface of the wood so that the paint doesn't sink into the grain. You could probably get away with spraying a multitude of build coats instead of grain filling but IMHO you're just better off grain filling instead of going nuts.

I sprayed an alder bodied Goya once and used an epoxy based automotive primer and urethane topcoat... worked well. Epoxy primer is thick (and toxic) as hell
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