Hey whats up guys, this is a song I wrote a few days ago for two friends of mine who are in a relationship together. I'll post it up and the myspace that I have a really basic recording of it on, single track/unmixed (it was actually recorded the night I wrote it, but you'll get the general idea). When played acoustically, it's meant for two singers and two guitars, so sorry if the recording sounds rushed (only one singer). Full band, I was hoping for two singers and another for harmonies. It's supposed to be acoustic pop-punk, but eventually it'll be full band. Any advice, both lyrical and musical would be appreciated, and straight up crits would be awesome (I'll return the favor)

YeahOfCourse, That'sWhatFriendsAreFor

You might as well make the most of this
Cause now you know that he's done more than only kiss
Yeah he'll try to make it better and I only hope you let him
You know the best thing in your life is him


You loved him before
So this shouldnt make a difference
Leave it be
Don't let happiness leave a scar

He's done it before
What a tragic realization
But don't let it get you down
Don't let it get you down
Because you know he cares
And he'd do anything to keep you around


He's the brightest star that shines throughout your night
And he'll always do whatever it takes to make the wrong alright
So enjoy it while you can and make it last
We're growing up baby and we're growing fast
And all that we can do is the best we can
You've gotta hold on tight and never let go of his hand

Chorus again
Bridge again with chorus in background


Lyrically, I don't think it's my best work, but I've been told it's kinda catchy and it's fun to play, so please let me know what you think.