Hey, I just had my band friended by Brown Bag propaganda on myspace. They apparently have this deal where I can be added to one of their compilations. I apparently give them a track, pay them 40 bucks and get 20 CDs with us on the comp. Here is their myspace, http://www.myspace.com/brownbagprop I was just wanting your guys opinion on this.
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sounds kinda sketch. I would say promote yourself with demos and ****. Don't put one song on some unkown compilation.
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yeah, dude, i wouldn't do this...

theres much better, more-cost effective ways to promote yourselves.
It's a well known con, steer clear of it.
They contact thousands of bands, get quite a lot of people paying them $40 for inclusion, spend very little on producing a compilation album (hey, anyone can make a fairly professional looking compilation album on a home computer for next to nothing) and send one album to each band.
They might (although you've no way of knowing if they have or not) send some to industy people, but you can bet that a) they won't be sending loads out and spending any decent amount of money on promotion, and b) the industry people they send it to probably won't even give it a listen before throwing it in the dustbin.
These people make an absolute fortune from bands, they'll have between 15 and 20 bands on each compilation, giving them an income of between $600 and $800 per compilation and they often have several compilations on the go at the same time.
You'd be lucky if they spent just $100 on having them made up and sent out to anyone before moving on to the next compilation.
Didn't Metallica do somethin like this? back when they were still Mettallica lol? But yeah don't do it man
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Don't do it. For the following reasons:

1) It's a scam
2) If it isn't a scam MOST companies won't care about it, throwing it in the dustbin alongisde EP's that they don't like
3) It's a scam
4) Because of that peple generally don't like compliation albums and would rather hear a band live or on an ep for the first time
5) It's a scam
You'd be better off getting together with some other bands and producing your own compilation between you which each band then helps to promote and sell at gigs. That way, each band's respective audience gets to hear all the other bands, possibly like what they hear and possibly be inspired to turn up to those band's gigs. (This of course works best if all the bands are playing the same venues, not necessarily just local gigs but on the same national gigging circuit, so it helps if all the bands can swap venue lists)
It'll be cheaper for each band and it'll be more useful to each band as a promotional item.
Did you ever get those letters in high school saying you'd been "specially selected" to get your name printed in a book full of names of high school students? And all you had to do was send them XXX dollars and you too could have your very own copy of a list of people who paid to see their name in a book? It's the same thing.

However, if you are into that sort of thing, you could send me $100 with your song, and let me put it on a CD and mail it back to you...... deal?
Lisa from Brown Bag Propaganda here. Been reading the posts and understand the concern about scams. I'm the guitarist in Bitch Slap Barbie here in St. Louis and we've had our share of crap. Try talking to the bands that have participated on our comp cds. We've had nothing but great feedback and have been able to get everyone's music out to new people all over the world. Being in a band myself - I wanted to be able to find an inexpensive way to get our music out and we've had alot of opportunities come up because of some of the comp cds we've been a part of. Like I said - ask the bands themselves.... Lisa
lol the fact that that's a new account adds to it's credibility.
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lol the fact that that's a new account adds to it's credibility.

I notice non of the comments made so far were refuted.
I'm not out here to defend myself for no reason. We do exactly what we say on our page. It's simple - to the point and a good product. We're not out to screw anyone. No one is forced to be a part of anything that we're doing. The bands on our comp cds are happy with the results and if you don't like what we're doing - don't be on our comp. Pretty simple...