I have another thread out there saying I want a heavy guitar, and I know this isn't a heavy guitar, but I played one in a shop the other day and I got a boner. I would've bought it in the store the other day but there's something I noticed about the Mira, along with most other PRS's I have seen, and it's the wrap-around tail piece it has. To my knowledge there is no way to adjust the intonation on it, so here is my question:

Is there a tail piece that I can buy that would fit into the existing holes that would allow for intonation? (I do believe that the holes are closer together than a Gibson so a Tune-O-Matic wouldn't work here)

Supposedly they won't need adjusting, but I think that's impossible.
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I really don't think it'll be much of a problem - they wouldn't sell it like that if it was. If you play Allan Holdsworth stuff and need to be playing chords at the 18th fret then that's different...
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