I am in the market for a newer but used Epiphone Les Paul with a nice hard case. I have cash and I also have a Ibanez RG270dx in great condition for trade. I am looking for a standard but not firm on that. But it must be in great shape. I don't want to get it and have to add new tuners or there is a buzz etc. I am looking for a mid level one. I don't want the 250 dollar one.thanks
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Have you tried eBay? Kijiji?

yeah I have and that is still an option. i just figured that being this forum has real guitar players that would be my best bet. Instead of some ebay seller that got a Les Paul at a yard sale and knows nothing about it. thanks
Cherry Burst Epi LP Plus Top, with Zakk Wylde active pickups, Epiphone hardshell case.

Book it out on line, add:
ZW pickups;
installation charge for the pickups;
set up fee;
and you can approximate what I have in it.

I e-mailed you, trying to understand where you are located. Shipping might make it a deal killer.

E-mail me back if interested.
I have access to multiple Epiphone Les Pauls...any particular color?
Coming soon...FutureSoundsOnline web site!
Great deals for all!
Dave is a great guy to do business with, if it's not sold, he only sells top shelf items that are treated with care..