Okay, sometimes i don't feel comfortable bringing my strat or my sg to shady places, and i was wondering what's the best beater guitar to mod. Around 100 bucks maybe give or take. I was thinking a squier affinity strat, mainly because their solid wood, i think their alder but not sure. so any suggestions? pickup config doesnt matter, i'll be changing it anyways.

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Yeah, I think the strat will do. It's a pretty nice guitar for that money.
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grab a yamaha pacifica or like you said a squier

i would go yamaha those pacificas are pretty solid
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Yamaha pacifica for sure. I think they are way better than the squires. And if you have a strat and an SG, you dont need our opinion. My advice is to not even go to shady places where you dont feel comfortable. You may lose more than your guitar.
I have a Squire Strat with a maple top and that sucker is heavy. The Chinese are making great guitars these days so the good news is you have a choice. I love my Ibanez guitars I just don't like the DiMarzio's.