Hey guys. I have two rockschool books for guitar - grade 3 and grade 4.

They are a bit tatty, as they've been lying around for ages, and you can still use them with the exam as they haven't been used. They come with CD. Both books have some scribblings on them from hte pieces I did, but nothing too obtrusive. Oh, and neither come with the exam entry form (it falls out really easily and I lost both ) but you can get them separately as far as I know.

Although they're not brand new condition, it'll save you a lot of money.

New, the books are £17 each; I ask for £10 each or £17 for both.


I mean that they haven't been used the exam.

With rockschool, once you have used it in the exam, it is signed off and cannot be used again. I didn't use these books in any exam.
Quote by metalaxxe11
You lost the exam entry form...... lol

I did actually... they fall out really easy.

I suppose it may sound fishy, but I can assure you they have not been used. If it helps, I already have 2 good mentions in the good/bad traders thread and 0 bad ones.