Hey guys.

Not sure if this is the right forum. I'm sorry if it is....

I am in an alternative hard rock band. I am lead guitar and I want to do some backing vocals!

My problem is I can talk in tune a can do little harmony bits but I can't sing in tune and play at the same time!

Does anyone know of anything that can help me?


Once again, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum.
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true :P
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well, first try and pick very small parts to sing backup on. stuff that won't really interfere with your guitar playing too much. then, over time, start doing more and more backup (if the song needs it). but for the record, if you're playing lead guitar then there may be times when playing the guitar/singing a certain line is almost physically impossible, just because of the timing. but hey, good luck! hard rock alternative is the way to go!

oh, and i was under the impression that you have a free roam singer. yes? no?
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I really have no advice, but you seem like a very nice boy TS

TS, you can always take some vocal lessons, other than that, just practice. Like Bassfishin said, sometime's it's almost impossible though.
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there are a LOT of singing tips
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Find a singing site.
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Warm up before singing.

Look after your voice.

Try singing in harmony with other people, This can help with getting notes right. (If you sound off, go up or down in pitch and if it works you know what note that is for future use)

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Ok, play the parts slowly and whisper the vocals when you practise alone. Build up speed and volume. This will make sure you sing like yourself and not anybody else, and it'll make it second nature to you. When you know your own voice, you'll find it easier to sing in key, because you'd know the high ends and the low ends and where they need to be for your dominant tones to be in key.
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