Looking at some Crate V amps and want to know just what the difference is between a 1 channel, such as the 18V and the 2 channels like the 33V and 50V. What can you do with the 2 channel that you cannot do with the 1? Also is a 212 with two speakers better than a 112 with only 1 speaker? Thanks.
One channel amplifiers don't allow you to change between sounds such as clean and distortion quickly with a footswitch, you have to physically move knobs on the amp to change the sound, or make very good use of the knobs on your guitar.
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What he said, 2 channels means one with distortion and one with clean, and yes, two speakers gives you more headroom, heightening the perception of volume.
Ok, So would a 2 channel allow you to do basically the same thing as a 1 channel and a tube screamer? Also on a two speaker amp does it break up at a higher volume? Thanks again.
I've had no problem using a one channel amp, its very easy to make use of your guitar volumes, especially if you have independent volume controls for each pickup. Generally, I use my neck pickup for clean and if I turn it down about halfway, my amp cleans up very well and if I need more top end to my tone, I can activate both pickups and trim the volume off my bridge a tad and get a very nice open clean tone and to switch to dirty I just switch to my bridge pickup.
^^^^Yes, it takes a bit of practice, but once you get used to working your guitar volume knobs and pickup switching to find tones, it becomes second nature. I'd even go so far as to say it's much more fun to play a one-channel amp in this manner once you get used to it, instead of tapping a footswitch on a 2 channel.

If you need to switch quickly between clean and OD during a song, you can just set your pickups to be clean (low volume) and OD (high volume) on the channel, and switch between. And, yes, a 2 channel amp versus a 1 channel with an OD pedal is the same concept, although these two different set ups both turn into different animals quickly, especially with separate EQs for each channel. You can dial in two entirely different tones; with a 1 channel and an EQ, you can only dial in one tone that the pedal alters to get a different sound. There's a big difference there.
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