I believe that's his Jackson Flying V.
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i think that is an ibanez rocket v? the jackson 'KFC' V which he uses is white with red stripes on one of the prongs
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its not a jackson i dont think, it has an ibanez shaped head stock, and looks like it might say ibanez on it. his jackson flying v usually has the kfc logo that he got specially made. its the same one that he got the headstock and the body made bigger than usual because according to buckethead, "normal guitars look like toys in my hands". so i dont think its his jackson.

also he mostly played ibanez when he regularly toured with praxis
Looks like an Ibanez V...that's about all I can discern.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

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found out, its an ibanez rocket roll aparantly, but they're out of production as far as i can tell, guess i'll have to watch ebay for one

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that song is amazing!
i know dude, one of bucketheads finest. its the perfect song to show people if they think that bucket is just a mindless robot shredder with no emotion. the reason he shows no emotion is because you cant see his bloody face