Hello UG, here is a new track that I messed around with. Came from a drum track I posted for a contest. I decided to use these horns on my keyboard as the main basis for the song and I just let the track take me where it went and It ends of with this mini lead/solo deal. Crit for Crit of course and it is on my profile named Jivin' PS: all instruments performed by me
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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Super groove, impressive drum fills. The bass warms my heart, especially the intro soloing. You mention how you wanted to build the track around the horns; it fits with the groove perfectly, but I found my self craving a more authentic brass sound, so if you ever befriend a trumpet quartet, do use them.

Interesting outro - backing instrumentals are neat, and I thought I'd like the solo, but it got a little too fast/showy where I think mellowing out would have been tasteful.

Fun listen, all in all.
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damn yertle, you got some groove
Thanks man, I know the horns aren't the most authentic LOL but I thought they weren't like blatantly fake. I played them on an old keyboard I had lying around.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Thanks for the crit. Sweet descending bass line. Drums are fantastic [fit really well]. Love the whole vibe to the tune, the brass wasn't that authentic sounding, but we all have to make do with what equipment we have. The outro lead was nice. Maybe turn up the guitar a little through the main part. Other than that this is a great track and good production. Well done 5/5
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The baseline is great, I can picture a muscular black man.. maybe Shaft running over some streets and dropping fools to this.

The drums are a little loud at parts, but the fills are quite good. The horns are cool, obviously fake but not bad sounding. The song seems to get a little repetitive around the 3 minute mark, but then you start tapping haha, which is pretty cool. I feel like the solo should've ended stronger, but it was still pretty good.

Overall, its a really interesting song. I haven't heard much like this. Good job on playing all of the instruments, too.

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Any more opinions ? Ill hit ya'll back
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Hmm I liked everything except the drums.. The bass works really good, and so does all the other things.. but man those drums were not even close to be tight.. you got some good ideas going and stuff.. but every fill you make is waaay out of timing, and that kills the groove for me.. I think the whole idea with this song is really good, so you should just try to get the drums working much better..

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