Just wanted to see what you guys think... I like it a lot. In fact, I may just buy a bass instead of a guitar..

what nbass and amp is he using?
Oh, and I have a question, can someone tell me some good bands that are like heavy lke death metal with bass you can hear/ awesome basslines, kinda like cannibal corpse.

And when bassists play on their own, like bedroom players, when they try to play genres like metal, it won't really sound like metal what with the electric guitars being distorted and cranked, so it wouldn't sound like metal?


At about 5 mins to about 6 mins when he plays, this is what I;m talknig about , it not sounding like metal.

Oh, and what song is he playing at 5:56?

Sorry for not sounding like a professional, but I don't actuallyl a guitar or bass yet.
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The first dude is awesome. I think Alex Webster is much better than he is allowed to be in Cannibal Corpse.

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