Hello, I didn't really know where to put this but it slightly falls into this category, ok, my girlfriend is a great guitar player and now shes looking to buy a ukulele, I don't know anything about them, what do I look out for? Does anyone know where I can buy a great one for under £100?
You can get them for pretty cheap. Mine was like £20 and it's great. You can probably got them from most instrument shops.
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check out a guitar shop...some of them sell uke's. erm i know ebay has some pretty good looking ukuleles for like £20. i spose u should look out for similar woods to acoustic guitars...but i dunno!
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you can get electric ukes in my local music store for around £50, so you could probably get a pretty damn good one for under £100.
I can't help you with where though sorry. Just look around on the internet.
Can anyone recommend any good legitimate websites, Christmas is coming and I don't want to get scammed?

I also just found out about all these different types of ukeleles, such as concert and baritone, this is all so confusing, which one is best for beginners?
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whatever you do DO NOT buy a cheap mahalo for like £30, a friend of mine made that mistake

just terrible...
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I don't know much about uke's but check out MF and GC...oh wait, Europe. Forgot, sorry.
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get a kala brand either the ka-s ka-c or ka-t
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