i'm thinkin of getting a vibrolux reverb, but people keep telling me they break up very early, would using a comp sustainer help this or not?
Not a whole lot, and it won't help enough if it's not the right amp for you.
The Vibrolux should break up around 5 on the volume, how much clean headroom do you need? For the price of one of those you can always get a Bandmaster or a Twin.
Yea to be honest i think im goin for the twin reverb, i know they dont break up at all but i hav a TS808 and a blues driver
The Twin breaks up, but only at very high volumes. Many people use the twin for cleans and pedals for OD since it takes pedals well, so that's a good choice.
Id recommend going with a Twin Reverb. Like colin said, they do break up, but at about 8 or so i get light overdrive if i dig in, and by this point, my house has fallen down anyway...
SO I'd agree with you, a Fender amp and an 808 is always a good combo
Thanks guys, ordering the twin reverb as soon as i get paid