So it appears that it's time for a restringing.

I personally have never stretched my strings put prior to putting them on.

How do you do it? I heard it lengthens string life, or something.

Do you just... grab them and pull on them?
you stretch them AFTER you've put them on...
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After you put a fresh new set of strings, they go out of tune.... Instead of retuning a few times before the strings finally stay in tune, you just pull on each string a bit at about the 12th fret. It helps a LOT on my bass with new strings.
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Put them on and then just give 'em a good yank.
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one at a time, hold them about the 12th fret, give them a few good tugs ( dont be too shy with it), tune up again and repeat until they stay in tune.

im not sure about how it affects string life, but it stops them going out of tune as you play over the next few days.
all it does it help work the strings in a little longer.

you know how new strings fall out of tune?

well pull on them a little after you string up, breaks them in faster.

at the middle of the board, pull up on the string while pushing down with ur thumb.

or just play and tune them a half dozen times,. same thing.

edit: WOW a lot of guys wanted to answer this question

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