Poll: Favorite place to shop for guitar/music?
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View poll results: Favorite place to shop for guitar/music?
Guitar Center store/site
5 31%
Musicians friend
2 13%
Local are business
8 50%
All over
1 6%
Voters: 16.
So I am trying to expand who I buy from and online deals usually seem the best because most stores don't have what you want sometimes but their site would... I am confused on why some sites compete when they are pretty much the same.. example guitar center and musicians friend so many things are similar and the deals are the same. Even the player cards are identical so I am wonder where do you prefer to go and why?
I try to buy as much as possible from local shops. Even if I pay £20, £30 more, it would be a problem if these shops went out of business - where else am I gonna try out my gear?
goerges music. there only like 7 stores in florida and PA combined

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Oh wow, I was about to say that Ultimate Guitar IS my favorite for guitar. Yes, it is.

But for store, I appear at Sam Ash many times.

And shame on you for not putting that.
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Sorry I don't really shop around much which is another reason why I put this to give me new place ideas.. theres a shop about 30 minutes from me thats more local but at the same time they overprice so much... example.. GC has an ibanez for 300ish which is more enticing than the local shops price of 560.
i live 5 minute walk from GAK and those guys are pretty awesome in there, they are genuinely helpful and will knock prices off and talk shop with you for ages. Not all guitar stores are bad guys

I also bought my Jackson from Andertons and they were extremely helpful, even matched a lower internet price for me which was niiice.
I like to go as many places as I can and buy in person, but if I'm ordering online I use musiciansfriend
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Guitar Center to find the right guitar.. then see if its at local store.
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I almost always go to Tom Kroon's Music Works. Never heard of it? Probably because you don't live in Howick, NZ. They're great, and have great service, and they'll order pretty much anything I want.