My post rock song is now done, but its sooo unorganized and bleh. I write my songs in FL and only wrote this with one instrument. Its so out of place and not written on a correct scale. Can someone or everyone help me make this a full song in GP.
2 guitars, maybe 4... idk
1 bass
1 synth for the lead
but most important of all, done on an actual tuning :0

I plan to make a fully recorded version of this song, but I can't until I get this mess all cleared up, and I am terrible at GP so this is why I'm asking. It'd mean so much to me if you were to help me accomplish this. If not, my song will just be thrown away most likely.

Please and thankyou,
GP actually has a midi-import option that you can use for that kinda stuff.

I know that when you don't know how it works, the midi-import can end up slightly botched and the tab looks like crazy, but when you actually take the time and see what's the problem it's easy to import a midi properly.

For example, your song, as far as I can tell, only uses the Hapsichord and drum instruments. So open a new clean GP file, go to "import midi" and don't use the lazy fast "import everything"-option, but import each track individually. That means selecting -only- the current single track you wanna import (your haps on track 3, your drums on track 4), with the buttons in the lower right corner create a new track for them to paste into, and import. Now two things to consider: Your hapsichord, being the keyboard it is, goes low into bassnote-territory in some places. When you'd import those onto a normal tuned gutiar track, the bassnotes would get lost. That's why I said import individually, and in the properties window of the new track you made up you can enter a much deeper tuning, maybe even a sevenstring and deeper, to keep all your bassnotes in place. Second thing is that you'd want to set the notelengths and chord positions all on 16th notes, or else it may screw up formatting and spills notes over onto subsequent bars.
The finished import then looks something like the thing in my attachement.

Btw, I don't really see any particular "out of place" notes, sounds alright to me so far. Maybe the end is debatable from a theory-standpoint, but in the context of the piece it doesn't matter and sounds fitting as an eerie conclusion.

Now about further developing the piece, I think it's best you try your hand at this first. It's your song and you know what direction you wanna take and how you want to make it sound like the best. And by doing this you will also learn more about working with GP and composing in general!

For example, you could divide the hapsichord parts. Let the bass notes be handled by an actual bassguitar, let one rhythm guitar play some of the chords, let a lead guitar play the melody, et voila.