I've only been playing guitar for a few months with an acoustic, and I had a strong desire to pick up an electric as well. Finding the guitar was easy actually...After looking online for something used (not finding anything good), I decided to go to my local Guitar Center, and found a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra used for $299. I only wish I would have known how difficult it would be to find an amp I liked.

Funny, not knowing anything, I always thought an amp was an amp, until this weekend. I bought my daughter a pretty nice Daisy Rock Electric for Christmas, and picked up the Line 6 Spider 3 amp. While she was gone, I hooked up my Epiphone to the Line 6, and the results were horrendous. It took me all of 5mins to decide to pack it up and take it back. Before that, I stopped at a local music store to see what he had, and was torn between two amps. One was a Fender Frontman 25R for $150, and the other was a Fender champion 600 for $200. Even after hearing them, I went with the 25R, and again, just could not get a nice clean tone that I wanted.

Today, I finally found one that I truly do like....the Fender Champion 600. It's only a 5watt small tube amp, but that's just fine with me since we live in a apartment right now, so I can't really crank up the volume on anything really. I also love the simplicity of the amp....just one knob for the volume, and that's it. Just speaking for myself, the tone is just brilliant...it's the type of sound I had been looking for to be honest.

I had been reading a few reviews from other places, with people stating that they have a pedal connected as well, and I may think of doing this, just for something a little extra.

Now for a question regarding pedals. Is it worth trying to connect a pedal to this amp? Also, is so, are there decent inexpensive pedals out there (I know absolutely nothing about this) that would be good for a few good effects?

Thanks for any info, it is appreciated.

Also, here is the amp that I did pick up and happy with right now- http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Champion-600-5W-1x6-Combo-Amp-104298815-i1173138.gc
Get an overdrive, it heats the tubes so that you can get distorted tones without going to eleven
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