As of right now idc if its tube or ss i just want something decent sounding. Id use it for chruch sometimes and in a rock band (indie/punkish) and i play classic rock and metal in my room. So it need to be portable (under 50 pounds) I just got rid of my Vk b.c i didnt like it too much.

Yesterday i went out and bought a VYPR 30 and its pretty decent, it has this ringing sound sometimes, and i cant seem to get enough smooth lead tones out of it. So im thinking retuning it and getting a flextone? Anyone want to comment on the flextone a bit? I was also thinking a classic 30.

Thanks for the help in advance
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If you don't like those two amps, you will NOT like a flextone. You might like the C30, but you may also want to check out a Blues Jr.(not so much for the metal, though).
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as much as I love the peavey classic 30/crate palomino v series/any tube blues amp, I don't think they'd be good for him since he says he likes metal as well as classic rock.

You can go for these amps if you really want the amp for blues/classic rock/southern rock/country (really good amps for these genres), but be prepared to maybe buy a metal distortion pedal to get those metal tones.
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