Repetitive beyond all belief. I could care less about the chorus, too.

Meh, it was alright.
Sorry for taking so long to get to your crit, my internet has been goofing up.
Awesome intro, its best part of the song. It seems like you realized this, however, and used it WAY to much through out the song. The chorus was pretty dull, an epic vocal line might save it, but it might not. The break was pretty cool, nothing to comment on, except the fact that it's awesome. I like the lead guitar during the interlude, but I was not a fan of the rhythm guitar. The solo type thing was really good, but I think you should expand on it instead of just back to the the intro riff, which has lost all meaning by this point. I think you should make one very long, epic solo, maybe its just me though. The outro worked, but I really think you should redo the chorus rhythm.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho