Does the Epiphone Valve Junior sound boxy (combo). I'm currently looking for a tube amp and I've found:

Epiphone Valve Special
Epiphone Valve Junior Combo
Epiphone Valve Junior Head (I will get a secondhand Cabinet)

Budget £110 - £190
Bedroom practice

Yes, it does. Most amps in that price range and with cabs that small do.
The head plus a larger cab helps a bit, but won't fix it entirely.
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What about the Valve Special that has a 10" speaker.

A single 10" speaker in that small cab still sounds boxy. The amp itself contributes to that as well.
what other tube amps are there for around £200 - £280?

EDIT: Or should I just get the Fender Super Champ XD (hich I was originally going to get anyway?)
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I've got a V3 that sounds pretty nice. I like the tone a bit better over my head/cab. I'm using an mxr 10 band and a POD.
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get a good reverb pedal and it won't sound boxy at all. then a good eq pedal.........the only reason the epi vj's are so cheap is they have NO features just a volume knob. turn the bass, treble and mids completely down and the reverb completely down on any amp and it will sound BOXY. hook up a reverb pedal and eq pedal to a VJ and you'll be amazed.