OK, so I've been looking at an MIM strat lately. My guitar teacher has one and says its his favourite guitar. What I want to know is, if I were to buy the strat and install a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge position, would it have a better distortion sound and all round sound than my "Epi Les Paul Special II" ?

Keep in mind that the Epiphone is a bottom of the range starter guitar. My amp is a Roland Cube practice amp. I will not be changing my amp so just focus on teh guitar please. I play mostly Metal and Rock but in the future I will prolly want to play all types of stuff. Should I make the change?
They make them in HSS, meaning there's a humbucker in the bridge... and yeah, go for it. Just make sure you play it first and that it feels good, I hear they have shoddy quality control (out of playing 5 at Sam Ash, there was only one I actually liked... couldn't buy it, though. Shame.)
Better than a special II. But nothing like a real Les Paul. I prefer strats to LP's. but you aren't going to get that thick crunchy distortion out of a strat and a roland, even with a humbucker.
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Thanks for the response. And no, sadly I cant get a HSS strat coz they dont make them for lefties

Thats why Im kinda limited in my choices
I cant really afford to buy a good bucker and I'd have to find a new pickguard also. The Hot Rail is easier option. I might look into it though
You can always just install a single coil sized humbucker in the Strat. Even if you don't it'll sound better than the Special II no matter what you wanna play.

But hey, if you want a new guitar, just tell us how much you are willing to spend and we'll recommend you some guitars.
But basically a Strat with a 'bucker thrown in is a solid choice for what you want to do.

EDIT: I see you're considering the Hot Rails, it should work for your styles of music well.
buy a new amp first, it would improve your sound a lot more than a new guitar.
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I will buy a new amp at a later stage. I just want to know if it will sound better than my current setup. I know its not going to be dramatically different coz of my amp.
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I will buy a new amp at a later stage. I just want to know if it will sound better than my current setup. I know its not going to be dramatically different coz of my amp.

If you can afford a Mexican Strat, you can probably afford a Valveking or similar. The difference between amps will be much larger than the difference between guitars.

Guitar wise, a MIM Strat with a hot rails would be good, although why not just get a righty HSS and play it upside down? The mods you need to do are piss easy (reverse strings and nut, strap button on the lower horn, and that's almost all) and it looks so cool. You get that bright, Hendrix-like low E string attack as well, if you have an SSS. Then again, it's not practical really, or convenient. More conventionally, a lefty SG or LP would be more typically suited to your style of music, and a Hot Rails Strat would have that sexy chop shop look and be great for the music.

IMO, the best LOOKING thing would be an upside down right handed chop shop Strat, but I'm weird D:

And bear in mind that high output pickups will make almost no difference in tone through a modelling amp.
I know that the pickups wont make a big difference now but down the line when I get a better amp, they will make a difference. I want to get a guitar now becoz its nearly Christmas so I can get some extra funding

Thanks for your input but I think I'll stick with the strat
If your a lefty like me do yourself a favor and dig up a lefty guitar. I know it cuts down on the choices. Most strats are routed for a humbucker in the bridge. And you can use the existing pickguard you just have to make the hole bigger for the humbucker. Finding replacement lefty pickguards is harder than finding the guitars. Will it sound better than the epi, it will sound different. You will get way more gain out of the epi special as the pickups in those are wound really hot compared to a strat or most aftermarket pickups. A better amp would be nice but you can always save up for a good amp later. The cube is supposed to be a pretty decent amp.
The Stratocaster will definitely sound better. The Epi Special II is very low end.
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