So I'm trying to record my my songs and I will be recording all instruments seperately(duh) and I have an electric drumset but my headphones can only be hooked up to either my computer or the drumset but I need to listen to both the music that I'm recording to and what I'm playing on the set.

Does anybody have an easy solution to this?
Plug speakers into the drumset?
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A mixer like this basic one should be able to give you both sounds through your headphones, and you can adjust the levels too. If you want something more, you could get an analog mixer, which can adjust panning too. You wouldn't need to spend more than $60 total with extra cables and the equipment...you could probably get away with used stuff.
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Here's how I used to record my drums and how I currently record them.

Old setup:
I ran the main audio outputs to the interface inputs
Monitoring was done though the outputs of the interface which was run to a set of phones.

New setup:
I run a single MIDI cable out from the module to the input of the interface
Monitor is from the output of the interface.
Sounds are from the VSTi (Session Drummer 2)

Either one of those setups should work for just about any studio setup...even a home studio with a simple interface.