i just got this body liked the quilt top even though its probaly a photo flame deal but i have only delt with standard bolt on types this one goes down under the neck pickup its a samick body the neck pocket is 2 1/4 inch wide. can anyone give me an idea of what i'm looking for? where i might find one i' looked on ebay but havnt seen anything thats gonna work
Maybe you can get a luthier to make you one-I think it's your only option.
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first of all that body is sexy, but looks like your SOL about the neck unless you can get one made.
i should have mentioned the neck pocket is 1 1/4" deep.i guess i'm gonna have to add a 1/2 inch of wood into the pocket.any tricks or suggestions on that would be appreciated??
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Just get a bolt-on neck with a heel that fits, and don't worry about having a tenon extending under the neck pickup.

Bolt on necks are on a taper where they meet the body and the pocket is for one that's straight so you would be very very lucky to find one that would fit.
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Maybe you can get a luthier to make you one-I think it's your only option.

If you decide to go this rout shoot me a pm I would probably be able to do it.
The only neck that will fit that guitar properly is the neck that came on it originally.

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