Hey Pit, you all good?

I know this question is seemingly noobish, but what determines the kbps when ripping a CD?
I got Chinese Democracy today and want to rip it to the best quality I can, so anyone know how I can make sure it's 320kbps?

Pit, please educate me
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It's usually an option within the media player. I know on WMP it's in ripping options, the quality is on a slider that you just slide up to top quality.
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that album's not worth the space.
what player are you using, first of all

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If your using windows media player then go into options and select the ripping tab. There should be a quality option and bump it up to 320kps and make sure it rips as a mp3 too.
I doubt it's 320kbs to start with.
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Thanks very much pit! I'm sorted

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you could just import as .flac using banshee. and lose no quality. each track would be like 30 mbs, but if quality is a must...