Ok so I'm a guitarist who has been playing for 4 years and have specialized in blues and blues rock. I go to U.C Irvine and have decided to apply to their music school. the audition is 15 minutes, and I am supposed to play two contrasting pieces of my choice. So my question is this: which two songs would you guys suggest? Im looking for songs that are technically complicated enough to impress a buch of music bigwigs, but personable enough for me to tranform them into my own version. It needs to be a song that can be made into an interesting cover version, because I am banking on the technical prowess of the song as well as my own ingenuity to get it. I have a whole year to prepare for this thing, so I want something that would stretch my limits but not be rediculously difficult. BTW it doesn't have to be a blues or rock song, I have dabbled in tons of other playing styles, from jazz to classical to reggae to metal (my main vein is blues and rock). So yea any ideas would be helpful, as well as tips for how to prepare from other musicians who have been in this position.

do something from iron and wine!!!! some there stuff is difficult!!!! or bob dylan!!! good luck!!!!
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It's not THAT bad I suppose.
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what kind of school is it, generally places like that have programs that are classical or jazz oriented so you are gonna wanna play something in the vein of what you are studying
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You could try some of Guthrie Govan's stuff from Guitar Techniques magazine. Like Blues Mutations or Rock Mutations rubrics, or something different. Or you could try some Stevie Ray Vaughan songs, some of them are not too difficult. And if you want some jazz, Joe Pass is just the right thing. Everyone in the college I know has played his tunes ;] Wish you good luck in passing the audition
Depends on what school you're planning to go, but some schools, like Berklee, lets you choose which song you want to play that demonstrates your abilities.

EDIT: Ah, actually read post. Maybe pick an easy classical piece and a blues one, or a heavy metal piece and a jazz? It's your call.
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Black Mountain Side/White Summer.

There's nothing NOT amazing about that song.

But it's finger picked and in an alternate tuning, which could make a lot of trouble ;]
I forgot to mention Steve Morse! He also has a lot of not so hard pieces, which sound good and are quite demanding.
Music Professors dont want to hear ingenuity, they want to hear you do something that they are familiar with and do it well. That being said, i suggest you do one of bach's inventions for lute and something like a wes montgomery solo transcription (d natural blues is an easy song).
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Maybe a jazz chord melody (angel eyes would do well ) and one of bachs lute suites. This would probably be an impressive audition and these songs are pretty damn hard. It's what I'm playing for my audition in a couple years time
screaming headless torsos does some blues-funk and a lot of jazz with funk roots. smile in a wave is a good song, but it's not nearly 15 mintes long.