FS:MIM Sunburst Strat, Traynor YCV40 212, Schecter Damien FR, Gibson Talent Acoustic.

Well... my cousin's wedding is a month away and I need to shop for presents as well... and considering he gave me a pretty awesome gift for my birthday, I need to get him at least something decent. I'm selling most of my electric equipment as I'm playing mostly acoustic now... soooo yeah...

I'm planning to sell these locally(Washington DC Area), but if there is interest, I'll be happy to ship if buyer pays half shipping or something.

MIM Strat is 2007 model I think according to the Serial, Rosewood fretboard. It was given to me by my uncle, he tried learning how to play, but uhm... failed. =/ not enough patience I guess... It has a few scuffs, but nothing major.
Looking around $280ish

Traynor YCV40 was bought here from wazmunstr. Sadly, it was used only a few times after the purchase, only practice with a couple mates, and that was it, college kinda got in the way...
Pics are still up on wazmunstr's photobucket account.
Looking around $400.

Schecter Damien FR was traded here as well from avenged_sevenfold (I can't remember the name) It's in decent condition, I barely touched it myself... lol, but replaced the nut, as the original owner had the wrong size nut in there after switching the hardware from black to gold. Looks pretty nice. Missing the springs. But I'll include some.
Looking around $290ish

The Gibson talent acoustic is a starter guitar, honestly, I'm not expecting much. I'll let it go for $50-60. It has a few scuffs.

Any questions, just ask. I'll probably reject trades, but you can try Maybe a nice pod, or a boss gt. meh...

Pics will come soon.

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