I just decided ill start You Laugh You Lose Vol.5 since Vol.4 is starting to get bad so VOL 5 AWAITES!!!
I'm winning so far.

Srsly though, if V.4 was going down the pan, what makes you think a V.5 will work? It'll be full of pictures from the demotivation thread within a page or two.



Daron. The Pit loves you.
daron aka kosmic is now a pit legend
Best post on the pit. Good for you.
thats pretty epic.
So you're like a slower paced Forrest Gump...
PROTIP: Threads that have a point in which the first post DOESNT partake in point, fail, miserably
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I just asked a guestion regarding a music store myth and my thread turns into a discussion about titfucking bagged milk.

So a daddy tomato, mommy tomato, and baby tomato are walking down the street. The baby tomato starts to lag behind so the the Daddy goes back and squishes him and says "ketchup."
Sail upon the open skies
i win! I didn't laugh because every UGer thinks they have to repeat the user above them and be dicks about it!