so i got the neck that i needed for my project guitar at a pawn shop (dont laugh, it was cheap and the neck has no cracks and is perfect, just scratches) of course it came attached to a guitar.

the guitar as far as i can tell is a early 2000/late 90s bc rich, now just for farts and giggles i decided to remove the paint off. so i took a hand held power sander to it, now what i find interesting is there are 5 layers of paint on it.

now is this supposed to happen or did the person who owned it before me repaint it?
the paint on top looks pretty good i suppose besides chipping and deep scratches, cant tell if its professional or not.

the paint colors were in this order.

in order of closest to wood to top layer of paint

any help? this paint is a bitch to sand off, even with a power sander
that does seem weird. i'm no help though
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Yeah thats the way it came. I would do the same unless you want to see the wood through the paint. Then you would replace a couple of those coats with clear coat
Factory isnt going to put that much paint in that many colors no. Most likely its been painted several times. Most will just scuff up the old paint and add another layer versus sanding ut to bare wood first.
alright, oh well.

the under layers are very uneven, and sanding it evenly has left a neat look, ill put pictures up soon, i may leave it like that