I'm beginning to learn how to play piano and am looking to invest in a keyboard for Christmas. What would you recommend for somebody who is looking to learn how to play the instrument and is completely new to it?
Any keyboard is fine for a starter o_o
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Make sure it has full-size keys that are weighted, then get the best one that fits your budget.
I've seen a couple of Yamaha's and Casio's that are only 61 keys, but do have full sized keys. I'm looking on Musicians Friend right now at a Yamaha-E313. I've not made any official decisions yet though. I'm looking in between the 100-150 price range.

just kidding man (unless of course you happen to have like $20,000 just lying around)

i think my big question here is "do you have a computer and VST/Vsti system you can plug it into for playing?" if so just get a decent usb midi keyboard controller and plug it in and play through your computer. its what i do, i got a decent keyboard for $130 and i have a ton of samples to use. i think mine is an m-audio


this one to be specific
Now that I think about it, get one with 88 keys. That's the standard number of keys and I can tell you from personal experience that learning on 61 keys and then trying to play on 88 throws off your peripheral vision completely.

I'm not sure if your price range can accommodate that but it will save you a lot of grief in the future.