I think I just blew the speaker in my amp! It's a Crate RFX65. I was checking to see how loud it would get on the Solo (basically heavy distortion) channel. I got up in between 3 and 4 on the dial, and it sounded fine. Really loud But when I turned it up to 5, it started to sound like crap. Really muddy, couldn't hear pinch harmonics or much high end at all. So I ran over and turned it down, and now it won't get loud at all, and all I can hear is very low end, and it's got hardly any drive on it. It distorts, but in a bad way, like when you turn your radio volume up too loud. What should I do to check it?
it doesn't sound like it's a blown speaker to me, i think you may have fried something else in it
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Your amp should be able to go to half way on the dial without blowing the speaker. I would hope they put a speaker capable of handling the amps wattage. If its not the speaker then you have a doorstop. An amp like that isnt easy to fix if at all. Most anything digital is that way anymore, cheaper to build than fix.