if ur gona ask for christmas present make it worhtwhile, seriously the novelty of these pedals wears off sooo quickly.. but. yeah dunlop crybabys are a safe bet
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get a morley power volume wah

thats what cliff burton used, and im assuming thats what youre going for.

wahs made for bass generally are only good for funkish stuff


Haha, thanks. I'm currently looking at it

And yes, Burton's my favorite bassist of all time, my idol, and Metallica is amazing.
Meh Wah's are alright for a bit, but I'd go for an effect you'll use at least twice ^^.
Anyway, if you're after a wah I've heard nothing but love for the crybabies
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Maybe try an auto-wah/envelope filter instead? That's what Trujillo uses....much more useful IMO
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