"Poor Floyd"

Notes: It's quiet. And to say the recording quality is marginal is a compliment. But it's about the song, right?

Tell me whatcha think. I'll return the favor with gusto.

Due to popular demand:


I feel like Floyd Collins on the evening before friday the thirteenth
Trapped, without anything to look forward too
other than the eventual exhumation of my corpse
and in the mean time being unable to tell
if it even is that fated friday, yet
such with the unchanging darkness of the earth’s intestine, and all
it's a lonely way to die, but hell
in Kentucky, they've seen it all
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You mentioned the quality so I am not going to go there, but it honestly wasn't that bad. I couldn't really make out the words themselves but I really liked the vocal harmony. Some good ole fashioned acoustic mute/slap chords were used effectively. What effect did you use at the end?

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