this amp is being given to me for FREE in the next couple of days from a close friend so i asked does it have any problems and hes said when the knobs turn it crackles like hell.
what i wanna know is what the hell is he talking about?
sorry for being a noob
possibly a loose connection, or at worst it need's a knew nob/ pot? put on it.
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i read valves need to be replaces every so often on valve amps is this correct and how often and could that be the problem????
Servisol contact cleaner should sort that out - it's about £2.50 a can from Maplin.
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There is only one valve in that amp. It is a 12ax7 if it hasn't been changed yet. I'd probably change it. It is probably the original one.
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how do i change it and how much does it cost?

The tube is like $15US bucks so whatever that amounts to. Also you have to remove the amp apart. Theres going to be screws on top just unscrew them unhook the speaker and reverb. Remove the amp and have a look inside and you will see it sitting there. Also this is a perfect time to clean the pots with contact cleaner. And give it a test run to see if the pots need replacing...