we been asked to do an acoustic show for xmas
and they want us to play a christmasly cover
any ideas?
We are set up as

or possibly just Acoustic and vocals
Do blink 182's "wont be home for christmas" its quite funny in a juvenile kinda way, but who aint got time for laughing at 3 retards in these tough times?
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...
Carol of the Bells.
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Jesus was all like "To those about to rock, I salute you." then he grabbed his mighty axe and rocked the Romans out really hard. Of course they were strict classical music so....
If you have a REALLY REALLY good vocalist (female i would say) you could play "All i want for Christmas" by that American singer woman (don't remember her name)
^ Ugh. Why would you subject innocent people's ears to that?

"Merry Christmas Baby" as made famous by Springsteen
"What Christmas Means To Me" by Stevie Wonder
"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon
"Run Rudolph Run" as made famous by Chuck Berry
There's the obligatory suggestion of Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade.

Personally I'd shoot for Please Come Home For Christmas by Charles Brown/The Eagles, or Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - U2 did a pretty awetacular version of it.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.