Okay I have been playing guitar for over four years now but until this point I only played electric guitar (i have an Ibanez RG2550EX and Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster).

Recently I've been wanting to play more acoustic pieces so i was thinking about getting an acoustic, but I dont want to spend a lot of money on it because im not sure how much i'll use it. I also don't know **** about acoustic guitars, so I need some suggestions.

I want somethin thats around three hundred dollars USD ($300) and plays well, good action, decent quality and good sound. It has to be steel string, 6 string and not acoustic/electric. Thanks!
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Best method to buy one is to go to your local guitar shop and test them out. I've been talking with my guitar buddies around here and I've heard nightmare stories about several brands but then others would swear by the name brand.
I've pretty much discovered that the best method is to try it out and who knows, you might find a sweet deal out there on a guitar thats not super expensive. Currently I'm in love with a laguna.
I agree with GuinnessGremlin.....go to your local shop and sit down with a half-dozen in the "back room" of the shop. Base your first 6 choices on your own visual preference (never mind the sticker price yet).

After you've played them all (a couple of your favorite licks), THEN decide which one looks and feels and sounds the way you like.

THEN look at the sticker price,.....if it isn't in your range, then go to the guys in the store and ask them for, basically the same instrument, but at a cheaper price.

Keep looking at what they bring you within your price range, that appeals to your eyes, ears, and fingers.....and WALLAH!

Take as much time as you like doing this....don't let anyone pressure you, or push you......just get lost in your playing. You have the right to be there and take your time.
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