Well my amp just crapped out on me and I have to send it out for repair. Problem is I have nothing to play through in the mean time. I dont really have much cash so I'd like to do a trade. I dont expect to get much and Im not looking for anything in particular. I'd prefer a head, but beggers cant be choosers. Heres what Ive got.

Relicd mim strat w/ scalloped all parts maple neck includes hard shell case
Samick w/ duncan blackouts has a crack in neck includes gig bag
Aria pro II xr series needs volume pot to work
MKS pedal pad powers 8 pedals
Radial tonebone hot british distortion almost brand new w/ box and power supply
Tech 21 boost dla tin included
Dunlop Db-01 wah box and power supply included
Ibanez ts9 has chaos mod by bodenhammer
Prototype donnerbox/pedalworx neodrive
Digitech the weapon w/ box and power supply
Digitech x series turbo flange
Dunlop wah modded w/ q control also works as a volume pedal
I'll post some pics if anyone is interested.
DAMN thats nice o.o

unfortunatly I only have a crappy Frontman 15g =/ doubt you want that, so free bump for you!