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Alright, now I am very certain that I am getting a DD-3 Delay, but Just as a last minute idea, i'm looking at the DD-6. Now, I know the DD-6 has 2 things DD-3 doesn't have. The reverse and 2 input and outputt jacks.So whats the point of haveing 2 of those Jacks anyway.and what exactly do the reverse settings do???

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well i got a DD-7 just cause. i dont know about the jacks because ive never really used them that much but i got it thinking the the reverse effect was going to be really awesome and i was excited and then it turned out being pretty hard to use and basically useless in my opinion.
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i think the other inputs are for tap tepmos though (using a footswitch or something) not sure... im going to get one of them soon too, but hey, the later one should have everything the older one plus more in most cases right?
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Excuse me, I answered your question in your other thread 6 minutes ago
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ihnfc how the reverse would work. Like it doesnt know what your going to play so how does it "reverse" what you are playing?
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Umm... first of all, you already made a thread on this..

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