First off, Im posting here for help, not to get s*** on by everyone else who thinks an EMG85 into a squier is a bad idea, save it please . I just want a hand doing this isntall. Thank you.

Ive never changed a pickup before. I do know how to solder. If anyone has some great instructional pages they can link, detailed diagrams, or some great step-by-step to post that are a little more explanatory for a newbie that would be great. Thanks again.

ps. obviously I would be more keen on instructions on the neck & middle : single coil bridge: humbucker to emg
I think the pickups come with instructions on how to throw them in.
My set of 85/81 did anyway..
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should have everything you need.

thank you, but the instructions for that one is for a two humbucker set up, Im looking for something a little bit more conducive to a fender squier set up; two single coils then the bridge humbucker
Go to EMG's site. I believe at the bottom... right*?* they have a section where you can pick the diagram set that you want.
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