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Much like the Penis game, But instead of changing 1 word to Vagina, you can change the form of Vagina and change 1 or 2 more words (Including your choice to change).

I cum Vaginas

Start posting.
Raining vaginas, Vaginas from hell, B.Y.O.Vagina
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Go see U2, then you can say you contributed money to Bono's giant Irish tower built out of the blood, tears, and the hopes of African children.
we all live in a yellow subvagina

welcome to the jungle, we got fun and vaginas.
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Ewww the searchbar is a slut, it gets used everyday...

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The brain says "hey, lets be friends" and the dick says "hey, lets get those clothes off, eh?"

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Yeaaaaaah, Huuuuuhuuuu, Saaaaaaah and MASTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR are all Hetfield memes.
welcome to the black vagina (welcome to the black parade)
Burning vagina (burning up)
open your vagina (open your eyes)
big vagina (big machine)

you want more??
Smells Like Teen Vagina
Paradise Vagina
Chinese Vagina
Scenes from a Vagina

one more for good luck

....and justice for VAGINA
Vagina Wars (the punishment is due)

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I'm trying to cover one of my bedroom walls in semen. I'm about half way done.

Pics coming soon
Through the Fire and Vaginas
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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I clicked System Restore and it said "System Restore Is Unable To Protect You".

Behind Blue Vaginas.(Behind Blue Eyes)
Vagina Rejoice. (Cavemen Rejoice)
Blood Red Vagina. (Blood Red Summer)
The Vaginal Anthem. (The National Anthem)
Ibanez RG2EX1
Line 6 Spider III 75
Old SG Mock

heavy Vagina daze
Fast Vagina
Vagina shocked
Dark Vagina
Williams Vagina
Vagina Hymns
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bring it on vagina
stairway to vagina
bron vagina stomp
since ive been loving vagina

I beat you.
The Star-Spangled Vagina
Highway to Vagina
Vagina to Hell
Highway Vagina Hell
Don't Fear the Vagina
I'm Burnin' For Vagina
Hungry Vagina
The Comfortable Vagina-Motion Picture Demise

The Air-Conditioned Vagina-Mr. Vagina (Bungle)

The Beast and The Vagina-Avenged Sevenfold

Dear Vagina-Avenged Sevenfold

Vagina Again-Silent Civilian
Call me Sean
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

Yes i am
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Your flirting powers are incredible.

Schecter S1 Elite Black Cherry (Soapbar Neck, Invader Bridge)
Schecter Banshee
Orange Dual Terror
Boss CE-5
Hittin' the Vagina
Fresh Vagina
Vagina Freezes Over
The Long Road Out of a Vagina
Dark Side of the Vagina
In Your Vagina
Good Vaginas, Bad Vaginas
The Deepest Vagina
Deja Vagina
Gov't Vagina
Appetite for Vagina
Use your Vagina
Our Love to Admire Vaginas
In the court of the crimson vaginas
larks tongues in vaginas
Bitches vagina
A smell of vagina
A bigger vagina
40 vaginas
Into the great wide vagina

Hangar vagina
Clenching vagina fists of hate
sweet home vagina
south of vagina - slayer

twilight of the vagina god - amon amarth

dead eyes see no vagina - arch enemy

seize the vagina - avenged sevenfold

hallowed be thy vagina - iron maiden

the vagina that never comes - metallica >.<

4 vaginas [to choke upon] - bullet for my valentine

pull harder on the strings of your vagina - trivium
Blackvagina Park (Blackwater Park)
Beyond the Vagina (Beyond the Eyelids)
Up the Vagina (Up the Downstair)
Cut You Up With a Linoleum Vagina (Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife)
Color Your Vagina (Color Your World)
Iron Maiden-

Vagina of the beast
For the greater vagina of God
The vagina of Benjamin Breeg
Charlotte the vagina
Phantom of the vagina
Vagina's in you
Fear of the vagina

I could go on forever...
lmao I had way too much fun with this

Pretty Handsome Vagina (Pretty Handsome Awkward)
In the Vagina (In The Dark)
**** the Vagina (**** the System)
Lost in Vagina (Lost in Hollywood)
Sad Vagina (Sad Statue)
Under My Vagina (Under my Voodoo)
Dead Vaginas (Dead Memories)
Exploding Vaginas (Exploding Reloading)
You Enjoy Vagina (You Enjoy Myself)
Nails for Breakfast, Vaginas for Snacks (Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks)
Vagina Shaped Box (Heart Shaped Box)

and last but not least...

The Vagina That Never Comes (The Day That Never Comes)
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I immediately clenched my butthole after reading that...
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Addicted to Vaginal Skin
I'm doin it wrong.


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Stop Performing Meathook Sodomy On Yourself
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Addicted to Vaginal Skin
I'm doin it wrong.

Your doing it right.

Dragging Dead Vaginas In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
Purple Vagina.

The Wind Cries Vagina.

Voodoo Vagina.

Stiff Upper Vagina.

Back In Vagina.

The Good, The Bad, and The Vagina.
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix-

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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.
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