Nice intro, I can almost a hear one long held-out scream there.
When you added the harmony guitar, I didn't really like it though, maybe I'm just getting tired of 3rds? I don't know. I tried messing around with it a bit, I liked the harmony as 3rd, but an octave higher, if they makes since. So, the same note you had originally, just an octave higher. I also changed the drums to C-C-C+S-C, hopefully you understood that.
Honestly, I didn't really like the verse riff; it wasn't bad or anything, just dull IMO.
I liked Verse B, though. No comment here.
The chorus reminded of Trivium (the chorus of To The Rats, I think). Very good job here.
The fill from the chorus to the verse was very cool.
The breakdown, was a bit full, I think if you made the drums more breakdown-ish It would be much better.
The solo was very well written, awesome job here (I really liked the tapping).

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

I digged it! I really think you could go into it, and fix up some things though like the verse, and breakdown; the song has so much potential! It was pretty short; you could add some more things, like an outro? I dunno! haha
theres some good use of chords in the intro. everything else in the beggining was real standard, nothing interesting. justins part on bar 12 was wicked. good work on the solo. its just mostly standard metalcore riffage. it all sounds the same to me. sorry to be harst bro. just being honest
I quite liked it, however the first bar of the solo seemed a bit slow for my liking. I'd like to hear a recording of it!
First off, thanks for the crit on My Cemetery!

Intro: I like it, and it hooks someone without boring them.

Verse: I find this is a little boring, but with some screaming over it, it would sound awesome.

Verse B: The drums here were awesome. Classic chord progression, but it's great nonetheless.

Chorus: I liked it, although I kept feeling like I wanted a stronger resolution in the 16th bar. Maybe change the lead a little bit? Either or, it's catchy.

Breakdown: The first half was a great lead in. The second half has the drums doing too much, IMO. Go for a simple pattern.

Solo: I find the tempo slowing a little awkward. Maybe changing the guitar parts would make it a little smoother. The solo is awesome, and the tapping section enters in seamlessly. Amazing.

The ending was cool. When I saw the chord, I expected it to sound bad, but it actually sounded great.


A little rough around the edges, but great song nonetheless.